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coffee dogs w/my son

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…so what’s this with coffee and dogs?!  guess they like java dogs berkeley

I really looked forward to, enjoyed, and now look back on the morning meets w/my son at a variety of coffee houses, mostly in Berkeley.  It was Winter and Spring, leading up to the wedding in June, fast approaching.  The misty walks from the car to coffee were filled with meaningful conversation.  Meaningful because of the man I was with: my son.

The last coffee house served coffee in (what I called) ‘bowls’ instead of mugs!  Pretty cool, especially since they were HUGE.  My son warned me in advance, so I ordered my ‘coffee in a bowl’……… son quickly explained to the bewildered cashier that I meant a ‘cup’ of coffee…..but that wasn’t all – “what kind of coffee” he asks, so I agree to “whatever he’s having”, pointing to my son, which is when I tasted my first latte.  I listened to him explain what makes a latte ‘a latte’, as we sipped from our bowls mugs.  Kinda reminded me of when he taught me my first five guitar chords.  I like learning from my son – and my daughter too!  What am I worried about?!  I WANT them to pass me up – that’s the idea, right?!!  In many ways, I feel they both already have!  What do I really know anyway…….maybe dogs drink their coffee out of mugs…


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November 14, 2009 at 2:48 am

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